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Programs designed for your kids

Arts and Crafts

Kids Depot Of Iowa City LLC offers a wide variety of arts and crafts activities for children of all preschool ages. With us, your son or daughter is always well supervised, but also free to explore at their own pace.

Music and Stories

Inspiring and engaging the imaginations of young people is part of our mission. We entertain, inspire, and teach your children with time set aside each day for stories and music. Feel free to call us to learn more.

Field trips

In order to keep our daily activities exciting for your children, we offer safe and well supervised field trips on a regular basis. Field trips help kids encounter the larger world and learn about their community.

Our age groups

Blue Boxcars

Red Boxcars


The preschool age children have a wide variety of choices.  They are able to plan, make choices, discover problems, explore solutions and recall experiences.  The teachers in the preschool age classes create daily lesson plans that relate to a theme of the week.  Children work on new songs, games, concepts, art and drama every day.  Children practice writing letters of the alphabet and their names, as well as, many other skills to prepare them for kindergarten.

Yellow Caboose

Infant care is for children 6 weeks to 24-months. Our program is based on tender, loving, individual care for each baby.  We emphasize communication through touch and speech with each infant many times during the day.  Teachers at the center talk to each infant at every opportunity, sing songs and repeat names of simple objects. All of these help the physical and emotional development of infants.


Introductions to cup, spoon, and bowl are made at the appropriate time, social interaction is introduced and supervised outdoor play is enjoyed at favorable moments.

The toddler program focuses on our belief that children are wonderful, small people who have a limitless curiosity and a love for both new and old.  They delight in fantasy and are intrigued by reality.  Our program is geared to meet individual needs in a flexible, yet structured environment.


Our primary goal is the development of a positive self-image.  We encourage independence through learning self-care skills (toileting, washing, dressing, etc.) as well as, verbalization, problem solving and social interaction.


Cognitive growth is stimulated by promoting awareness of colors, shapes, numbers and parts of the body.  Stories, songs, music, dance, coloring, painting and outside play aid in the development of skills and increased attention span, ensures an enjoyable day!


Toddlers enjoy mastering gross motor skills with plenty of running, jumping and climbing included in their day.  They are also ready to sit at a low table to develop their fine-motor skills more fully.  Social development is emerging and friendships begin to grow because of increasing active play.

The three-year-old program is similar to the toddler program, we are building on skills obtained in the toddler division.

Give your child a more active and fun day care environment at Kids Depot Of Iowa City LLC. Through a variety of engaging programs and activities, we seek to enrich your child's experience every day. Call to learn more about our programs.

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